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Creativity is the only differentiating factor in the world of business today, and that is our Business..!! DO Ventures is an effort to bring Novel Creative IDEAS to Life through meticulous planning and detailed execution

DO Ventures does it all

Idea Development, Market Research, Business Consulting, Brand Consulting, Revenue Model Design, Legal Consulting, MarComm Strategy & Structure Design, IP Rights Management, Product Design, Procedure Minimalization Systems, Quality Control & Assurance, Taxation & Accounts, People Management & HRD, Projections & Analysis…

Business Consulting

There is no specific term such as Business Consultancy, but as the oxford defines it, we are specialists that help you in all aspects of a Business. Business consultants provide management consulting to help organizations improve performance and efficiency. We, as professionals, analyze businesses and create solutions while also helping companies meet their goals.

Creative Consulting

We Work closely with many teams, including product developers, researchers, marketing personnel and creative agencies to make sure their company brand values and image is created well and are followed. Creative Consultants are strategists and they create the backbone of any company – The Support Function for revenue generation (Sales). We advice companies, on the potential key audiences for a brand and what they need and want, helps with planning the pricing for the brand and gives the company ideas on what kind of brand best fits the company’s products and goals.

Product Consulting

Need Analysis, Production Cycle Management, Quality Control & Assurance Systems. We analyze the need of the Product or Idea based on the market scenarios and help the clients to do small alterations, or redesign the product. Accordingly the production cycle is checked and modified, completely based on Quality Assurance standards. Check Quality Control Measures, find flaws or betterment areas, redo their standards. We also help them manage these procedures till they become a part of their system, reserving space for check points for further development.

Financial Consulting

With all procedures in place, all strategies locked, what remains as the most important factor is the finances being involved in executing the discussed procedures. We help our clients with figuring out the best finance models to execute the desired strategy to derive preset goals. Revenue Models (Existing & Reviewed), Investment, Taxation & Legals, Fund Flow Analysis, Financial Projections, Projected Balance Sheets, Fund Allocation, Audits, Accounting and Fund Raising models is something our team specializes in.

Legal Consultancy

Every business needs certain compliances structures to comply with. Our team specializes in managing the Legal requirements of our Clients. IP rights, Trademarks, Regulatory Compliances, Registrations, Patents etc form our specialist areas of work.

People Consultancy

We have the Creative strategies in place, the Legal requirements have been met, Financial models are ready…now comes the most important of all sectors of any business – People Management. We help our clients to form amazing HRD, HRM and HR engagement policies that help them run their businesses without any hindrance.

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